Katsu Curry

Usually on the weekends I try to cook something new and for this weekend I went with Japanese Katsu curry, one of many recipes I have saved on my youtube cooking playlist. The recipe is super easy and mimics what I have had while in Japan. This is the video I followed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAbwYkje-74 Based on... Continue Reading →

New DIY garage workbench $155!

Since buying my house in 2015 I have always used plastic fold up tables as my work benches and well, you know how that goes. Super difficult to clamp stuff to and really flimsy, even though I set my Subaru engine on one. Today I finally decided to build a proper workbench and had my... Continue Reading →

Bullards Bar | July 2020

I had been dying to go camping since coming back from England and my friend Olivia posted her campsite reservation for sale on instagram, so I jumped on it. The reservation was 2 nights at the Schoolhouse Campground at site 31. I meant to check it out before actually camping there but ran out of... Continue Reading →

New camera gear!

I recently ordered a few new things for my camera and I'm pretty excited. I got a new tripod, a gimbal, microphone and lens filter via amazon. The tripod I got is from MACTREM here . This is the ND filter from K&F here . The gimbal by Zhiyun here . The ring light by Neewer... Continue Reading →

Ben & Kev Kutz💈✂️

So while living out here in England during this time of quarantine, myself and the people I work with have been left with no barber like many others out there. My boy and I came up with the idea to buy stuff to cut hair and just start doing it ourselves. We hit up amazon... Continue Reading →

4k video x 2011 MacBook Pro

Since I want to begin making more videos starting this summer I had to test out the 4k editing capabilities of my MacBook pro that I bought in January 2012. I honestly can't believe I've had the same laptop since then, I do take great care of my possessions so it makes sense. Also my... Continue Reading →

NYE London | 2020

My friend Terrance and I last minute decided to visit London for New Years Eve, so we booked a hotel and headed to the train station in Swindon. It was my first time using the train here so after we arrived in London I had to buy an oyster card for the tubes. We did... Continue Reading →

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