Bay Area weekend eats

While staying down in the bay for a couple days I hit up a few different spots. First on the list was Mikuni in Concord, I'm not really a fan of chain sushi spots but this was the second location I have tried and I'm fairly impressed. I mostly judge off the temperature of the... Continue Reading →

Auto body paint | 350Z front bumper

For my second attempt at painting auto parts I took photos with my camera to get higher quality documentation. For this project I would be repairing and painting a black 350z bumper to championship white NH-0. I chose this color because it's the color I plan on painting my 1999 Acura Integra sedan once I... Continue Reading →

milkteaman pc build!

The day finally came for me to build my first pc!!! Words cannot describe how excited I am. I have wanted a new computer for a long time but macbook prices aren't too attractive for what you get. Earlier this year I started learning a lot about building pcs on youtube and became pretty obsessed.... Continue Reading →

Steak Quesadillas

This weekend for my new dish I chose something easy to make, ingredients were only about $23 too. I started to look up videos on youtube then realized this meal couldn't be any easier to make so I just winged it. Went to my local mexican market to grab everything, including HUGE tortillas, think I'll... Continue Reading →

weekend photo dump | sj+

Saturday Drove down to San Jose for the weekend and here's a handful of photos Seafood special for Saturday night dinner Lavender sunset I went to the wrong Happy Lemon but I walked out to perfect lighting for a car photo. I got this at the "right" happy lemon Okinawan milk tea & passionfruit green tea... Continue Reading →

First time grind & brew

I've never been a huge fan of coffee, but recently i've become interested in it so I picked up a grinder and french press from amazon. I chose these items so I can make coffee when camping, morning coffee at the campground is such a vibe. After doing some youtube research I chose the french press... Continue Reading →

New DIY garage workbench $155!

Since buying my house in 2015 I have always used plastic fold up tables as my work benches and well, you know how that goes. Super difficult to clamp stuff to and really flimsy, even though I set my Subaru engine on one. Today I finally decided to build a proper workbench and had my... Continue Reading →

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