Death Valley + Alabama Hills

Thanh, Truman, Ngoc and I went on a trip to Death Valley and Alabama Hills. The trip was very eventful to say the least, thankful to those events I was able to make a pretty decent video. Enjoy!

Weekday Getaway | Yosemite x Cherry Lake aka BOIZON IVY

A week or so ago my boy Albert invited me on a camping trip to Yosemite with his friends who I didn't know, but I was down.  Albert and I have been friends for a long time so I had no doubt he would have a tight selection of good people to hang with. I... Continue Reading →

Bullards Bar | July 2020

I had been dying to go camping since coming back from England and my friend Olivia posted her campsite reservation for sale on instagram, so I jumped on it. The reservation was 2 nights at the Schoolhouse Campground at site 31. I meant to check it out before actually camping there but ran out of... Continue Reading →

NYE London | 2020

My friend Terrance and I last minute decided to visit London for New Years Eve, so we booked a hotel and headed to the train station in Swindon. It was my first time using the train here so after we arrived in London I had to buy an oyster card for the tubes. We did... Continue Reading →

Paris | winter 2019

I took an extremely random trip to Paris while I'm currently living a couple hours west of London with a few friends. On this trip I made sure to take as many photos as possible now that I have a new camera. Hopefully I can properly document the trip in a way that is enjoyable... Continue Reading →

Bali | September 2018

Okay, I have procrastinated way too long on this. Time to finally share my experience in Bali. I had flown directly here from my Philippines trip and I had booked this really beautiful, almost too good to be true Airbnb. My host said he would pick me up for a small fee so it was... Continue Reading →

Japan | Spring 2018

  For my second solo trip to Japan I decided to do more than just drifting, which meant exploring many new areas all around the country. I'd like to note that my Japanese language ability is very limited to basic communication, but I am still able to travel the country quite effortlessly. The total length... Continue Reading →

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