Vietnamese iced coffee (Cà phê sữa đá)

I had been wanting to try making this for a while, as I've had it saved on my youtube for quite some time. My stepdad had bought everything needed, aka the coffee and the drip coffee brewer. He tried making it but it didn't turn out right according to him so I took the items... Continue Reading →

Death Valley + Alabama Hills

Thanh, Truman, Ngoc and I went on a trip to Death Valley and Alabama Hills. The trip was very eventful to say the least, thankful to those events I was able to make a pretty decent video. Enjoy!

Bay Area weekend eats

While staying down in the bay for a couple days I hit up a few different spots. First on the list was Mikuni in Concord, I'm not really a fan of chain sushi spots but this was the second location I have tried and I'm fairly impressed. I mostly judge off the temperature of the... Continue Reading →

Auto body paint | 350Z front bumper

For my second attempt at painting auto parts I took photos with my camera to get higher quality documentation. For this project I would be repairing and painting a black 350z bumper to championship white NH-0. I chose this color because it's the color I plan on painting my 1999 Acura Integra sedan once I... Continue Reading →

milkteaman pc build!

The day finally came for me to build my first pc!!! Words cannot describe how excited I am. I have wanted a new computer for a long time but macbook prices aren't too attractive for what you get. Earlier this year I started learning a lot about building pcs on youtube and became pretty obsessed.... Continue Reading →

Steak Quesadillas

This weekend for my new dish I chose something easy to make, ingredients were only about $23 too. I started to look up videos on youtube then realized this meal couldn't be any easier to make so I just winged it. Went to my local mexican market to grab everything, including HUGE tortillas, think I'll... Continue Reading →

weekend photo dump | sj+

Saturday Drove down to San Jose for the weekend and here's a handful of photos Seafood special for Saturday night dinner Lavender sunset I went to the wrong Happy Lemon but I walked out to perfect lighting for a car photo. I got this at the "right" happy lemon Okinawan milk tea & passionfruit green tea... Continue Reading →

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